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FAQ for Red Dots

FAQ & Answers

Thank you for purchasing your new ADE red dot, rated the best budget optics under $100 by many users. Here is a list of FAQ we’ve created to help you to better understand how your red dot works. While it is possible to install this mount without the use of a Gunsmith, we recommend hiring a professional gunsmith. Please note. Unprofessional installation such as improper torque will result in screw loose, not holding zero, damage to the firearm/optic and personal injury.

Why don’t I see a perfect round dot? Instead I see a splashed dot, half-moon shape, multi dot, starburst etc.

It is very likely (99% chance) you have astigmatism that you are not aware. What you see is a small reflex of led light bulb on the lens. One simple and quick way to find out is to use your cellphone to take a photo of the dot at medium brightness setting. If you see a circle dot in the photo you took, you basically diagnosed you have Astigmatism(Be6cause cellphone is a machine does not has human astigmatism). Many users decide to continue to use the imperfect dot, or use a bigger MOA red dot such as 6MOA instead 3MOA. Some users also see green dot better than red dot, it really depends on the individual case. Or user can use a totally different optics which is not an reflex sight such as an rifle scope instead.