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About Us

About Ade Advanced Optics

Ade Advanced Optics is considered as the leading optic scope manufacturer providing high-quality optics and accessories for shooting, hunting, and outdoor enthusiasts. Our store has been providing Oregon with the finest products partnered with excellent customer service to ensure your satisfaction every time you purchase from us.


Our History

Ade Advanced Optics store is founded in Oregon and is initially focused on private label production for major firearms manufacturers and retailers. We are recognized for quality and affordability, and with that, we quickly gained a reputation and loyal customer base. Over the years, our optic scope manufacturer has eventually increased its reach and we’re able to expand our product line and enter the global market.


Our Products

We offer a wide range of optics and accessories for handguns, rifles, and other firearms. From red dot sights to magnified scopes, our products are designed to enhance accuracy and performance. We also offer a variety of accessories, including mounts, lights, and lasers, to complement our optics.


Commitment to Quality

Our team at Ade Advanced Optics is committed to providing products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. We regularly solicit feedback from our clients and end users here in Oregon and its nearby areas to ensure that our products meet the evolving needs of our customers.


Visit Us Today

Visit our optic store here in Oregon and take a look at our collection of handguns, rifles, and accessories tailored for all shooting enthusiasts in the area. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just recently started out, our team at Ade Advanced Optics is here to help you find the perfect product for your needs. Check out the most reliable optic scope manufacturer here in Oregon today. You can also navigate through our products to see the various scopes, optics, and handgun that we provide.